Chemical plant manufacturing, acid production or the production of fertilisers: safety and reliability are essential factors for chemical processes. We at STÜBBE have more than 50 years of competence in thermoplastics and in-depth chemical expertise especially with aggressive media. Be it pumps, valves or instrumentation systems: we develop and configure high-performance and highly reliable products of maximum durability especially for your application

Chemical plant manufacturing

Particular challenges include individual processes with aggressive media, high temperatures and operating pressures in rough environments. Our products ensure maximum process security and stability.

Acid production

Absolute concentration and safety is essential when manufacturing acid. Product quality and performance must be right, whether it is a large pump or a very small dosing valve.

Fertiliser production

Sulphuric and phosphoric acid are some of the basic elements for the production of fertilisers. The process often requires high flow rates combined with high chemical resistance.

Chlor-alkali electrolysis

Chlor-alkali electrolysis produces the most important basic chemicals chlorine (Cl2), hydrogen (H2) and caustic soda (NaOH) from sodium chloride and water for the chemical industry. The annual demand of chlorine and caustic soda in the chemical industry is millions of tons.

Titanium dioxide production

Besides the temperature poses the high amounts of particles in the sulphuric acid process serious challenges to pumps and  valves when producing titanium dioxide.

Detergents and cleaning agents

The production of detergents and cleaning agents involves the use of various chemicals requiring thermoplastics. Dosing or distribution of detergents are other typical applications. The challenge is often to meet the requirements for compact designs in this industry.

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